I believe that everyone longs for one lifelong love relationship; one that                                       is faithful and exclusive; and until we are two, absolutely committed, together,                           to that kind of conjugal love, we keep feeling lonely; and it doesn’t matter how                           close we are to our friends, or our family members, how accomplished we feel                           in our professional life, or even the amount of money we enjoy.My story                                      begins on my 19th birthday. I was a student in Paris, France, far away from                                 home, in my  room, facing the reality of my life.                                                                                    Here I was, a student with excellent grades, respected among my peers,                                 and part of a wonderful and dynamic team of friends, but internally, I felt lost. I felt nowhere close to where I had envisioned myself I would be in my late teens. I was not growing. I couldn’t figure out what was happening to me and didn’t know where I was going. I was confused and desperate for an answer.
But that day – my 19th birthday – I had a show down with God. In tears I reached out to Him and begged Him for an answer ~ and little did I know that He was listening.
Just a few days later I was introduced to an unusual group of young people. Picture this: it was 1971 – the sexual revolution was raging in Paris – but those people were pure, and they were teaching something as pure as they were.
And that’s when my life took a turn for the very best. Over a couple months I listened to a series of lectures that answered all the questions I had at that time: my questions about God, the purpose of life, good and evil, history, and most important of all, love, especially the love between man and woman.
You see, my parents were hard workers and very diligent in so many ways, but like most parents they didn’t feel confident to teach their children about sexual matters. So, when the teenage years hit, I had no clear path to follow; I was left on my own, moved around by my emotions.
But these young people I had just met were CLEAR ! Among them I felt free. No one was trying to show off, pretend, or flirt with me. I was so relieved! Truly it was being back home ~ among people I had never met before.
That’s where I learned about the value of sexual purity ~ not from dos and don’t ~ but from that new knowledge; from a logical and historical standpoint.
This information gave me so much CLARITY that I started a new life – understanding where I came from, how to live, and where I was going. I was not confused any more. I had learned what I wished my parents would have told me but couldn’t – because they, themselves, didn’t know.
From that time on, I prepared myself for marriage – the marriage I used to scorn about. A few years later I got married to a man with the same view of life as mine. This was 33 years ago and I am so grateful to him. We share the same values; we have the same purpose, the same dream. We raised 4 amazing children to whom we taught sexual purity – and to this day, they too, are very grateful for it.
Unfortunately, we live in a society where too many people are still confused about sexuality. And those who are not are unable to clearly explain ‘why’ sex is meant for faithful marriage only.  So the sexual revolution goes on and on. It never stopped! Ready or not, here it is! Sex is everywhere: up into the media’s very fabric, down to the classroom and playground.
While many parents are still trying to figure out their own lives, kids are being taught how to put condoms on, right there in the classroom.  We may comfort ourselves by giving precious dollars to charities, however the real problem, the one that troubles us the most, is not being addressed. In hopelessness we are witnessing an entire new generation breathing in a cultural atmosphere we don’t approve of - one that suffocates their very soul.
Is there a solution to this tragedy? Yes, there is.
Recently I have literally re-oriented my life to help concerned parents discover the answers to these 3 questions:

# 1• If God created sexual love ~ and He did ~ why is it so confusing?
# 2• what was God’s original plan for our lives?
# 3• How to heal the damage that has been done, as individual, family, society, and world?

Because, from my own experience, I know that when you get the answer to these 3 questions, an enormous burden has be lifted up from you; whether you are Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist, agnostic, and even atheist, you will be empowered and filled with hope.
So, today, I am here together with you – when I could be doing anything else ~ because, this POWERFUL new information, that I listened to when I was 19 years old, has allowed me to live a kind of life that most people only dream of. So I feel I must share this information with everyone, especially parents, grandparents, young people, educators and leaders.

The Purity Revolution

Guiding America back to God ~ through Sexual Purity

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Grace Church takes its inspiration from Ezekiel 34:16 “I will seek the lost, and I will bring back the strayed. . ."


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